How should I take care for a human hair wig when it has been used for a long time?

1. When encountering knots or tangles in the wig, avoid using excessive force to comb through them, as it may cause the wig to become shorter or shed. Instead, it is recommended to use a wig maintenance fluid specifically designed for detangling. Spray the maintenance fluid onto the wig and gently comb through the knots.

2. It is best to wash the wig using cold or warm water. During the washing process, you can use regular shampoo and conditioner suitable for wigs.

3. Avoid exposing the wig to high temperatures, as most wigs are not heat-resistant. Typically, wigs should be washed every 1-2 months, depending on the frequency of wear.

4. After washing the wig, refrain from using high-temperature airflow from devices like hair dryers. Instead, gently pat the wig with a dry towel to remove excess moisture and then place it in a well-ventilated area to dry naturally. Direct sunlight should be avoided to prevent any damage to the wig.

5. Using a non-oily maintenance fluid specifically designed for wigs can help keep the wig soft, shiny, and free from static electricity. It helps maintain the wig's moisture and freshness, making it appear as if it was just purchased.

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